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Beverley B bags

As a child of Papua New Guinea, we used a traditional woven string bag called a bilum to carry fresh fruit and vegetables after we made our weekly trek to the outdoor markets.

Bilums are made by hand using looping or knotless netting or crocheting.  Traditionally, the string was handmade, normally from plant materials, but times have changed and many people who can afford to, now make their bilums from store-bought yarn and string.

They are used to carry a wide range of items, from shopping goods in large bilums to personal items in purse-sized varieties. Mothers often carry their babies in bilums as well. Read more


While mine are not made of string, the bilum has inspired me to create my own bags using souvenir tea towels lined with calico. They have a great retro feel.  Others are made using modern materials with themes such as sugar skulls. Some can be worn across the body and others have two handles, perfect for a quick trip to the shops, the beach or as a gift. And they can be hand-washed.


No two are the same.  They are priced between $15 (no trim) - $25 (with trim). Bags can also be made to order.

Please go to my eBay page (lakatoiliz on eBay) if you are interested in viewing a selection of the bags for sale. Postage is extra ($8.50 anywhere in Australia. International approx. $18.00). 

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