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I love Frida!

Few artists have inspired me in the same way as Frida Kahlo. Her work has been described as naïve folk art, but Frida's paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy.


Born in Mexico in 1907, she died in 1954 after many years of ill health; the result of injuries sustained in a bus crash when she was a teenager, and contracting polio as a child. Despite her trials and tribulations, Frida was a prolific artist.


She married Diego Rivera, a celebrated mural artist and fellow Communist.  Diego was a large bear of a man in comparison to her stature and despite a tumultuous relationship, punctuated by extra-marital affairs on both sides, they remained a couple until her death.

Frida lived a relatively short life, but it was a life filled with colour and passion and she is revered the world over.

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